Puppies born August 22, 2010

Stud: Ike, 2010 Top Dog Flusher of the Year, NATHA. 2008 Puppy of the Year, NATHA

Dam: Dixie, 2005 Puppy of the Year, WI Gun Dog.

Half Sisiter: Moja, 2010 Puppy of the Year, NATHA

Friday, November 5, 2010

4 Pups to choose from 11/5/2010

The 1st 2 photos are of Winda (Hunter), she is the whitest of our females. She has the mascara and black muzzle many owners look for. I took a side shot to show how she stacks nicely. (She also held still long enough for a 2nd shot...)

The 3rd picture is of Zuri (Beautiful). She tips the scale at 20 pounds. Zuri is light yellow, almost beige and has the exact mannerisms of her mother. She seems to be the leader of the pack today. They sort of take turns right now.

Next we see Mpita (Traveler) in stalking mode. Our little black Ninja has a strong prey drive. Here she was about to jump on her sister!

The guy with the silver collar is Sudi (Luck). Lucky is our lone boy. He is a really easy puppy. Lucky is content to let the girls wrestle and fight over a toy. Then when they aren't looking he will dart in, snitch the toy, and hide it in a kennel. There just may be a life lesson to be learned from Lucky!

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