Puppies born August 22, 2010

Stud: Ike, 2010 Top Dog Flusher of the Year, NATHA. 2008 Puppy of the Year, NATHA

Dam: Dixie, 2005 Puppy of the Year, WI Gun Dog.

Half Sisiter: Moja, 2010 Puppy of the Year, NATHA

Monday, December 27, 2010

Live Birds are a Blast!

Last wednesday we took the girls out to play with live birds. They were a real hoot to watch!

Zuri pretty much ran up and grabbed the bird like she had been doing professional retrieving for years. She then wanted to keep it...forever.

Then came Star. She barked at the bird, nipped it, charged it, layed on it, barked some more, ate feathers... you get the picture. Drama, drama!

Once we took the hobbles off the bird it was all business. She picked up the hen once she thought it could get away and brought it to me when called.

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